December 2018


We’ve got three brand new snacks and drinks in this month’s special Christmas box!

NEW! Rich Chocolate

Brand new in Japan is this rich chocolate drink made with Hokkaido cream!

This is really good and perfect for the winter. Really good warm!


NEW! Meiji Cubie

Another new product in this month’s box; Meiji Cubie!

Glossy cubes of chocolate perfect for chewing. Nice balanced milk chocolate flavour. 

NEW! Mintia

Another new product in this month’s box; Mintia Lime Mint mints!

There’s almost as many flavours of Mintia as Kit Kat in Japan and here’s another new one, refreshing and slightly sour. 

Grape Sherbet

Here’s one for both the big and small kids. A grape flavored candy on a stick with a pouch of grape flavoured sherbet to dip and lick! No matter your age it will bring you back to your childhood!

Lucky Box

One of a random choice of:
1. Cream Collon – Fluffy Cream or Light Strawberry
2. Lotte Puff Pies – Strawerry & Sweet Bean or Apple Pie!

Tohato Caramel Corn

Special Xmas Bag Tohato caramel corn with a random choice of regular or snow (condensed) milk!

Umaka X-Mas

Seasonal corn snack with a savoury “umai” taste. 

A blend of chicken & pork flavours with consomme and onion. 

Xmas Pencil & Topper

Special Christmas pencil with eraser topper!

Merry Christmas Snack

This bar is actually called Merry Christmas wheat snack and has a sweet coating and savory wheat crunchy center. 

Sweet Umai Stick

Christmas edition of the popular savoury snack sticks covered in chocolate.

Furuta Sequoia Chocolate

Wafer biscuit with hazlenut cream and covered in chocolate.

Bon o Bon

Chocolate cream in a wafer shell and covered in chocolate

Also in this month’s box:

– Christmas Stamp
– Christmas Dagashi Pack