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Explore Japan. Get amazing Japanese Snacks, Candies, Drinks and Capsule Toys delivered to your door!

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OyatsuBox is a fun way to explore Japanese culture with delicious snacks. We ship you a box from our office in Japan every month. Each box contains 10-14 snacks and a Gachapon.

Get Amazing Japanese Snacks

Delivered just days after they're made in Japan! With OyatsuBox, you get full-size snacks, chips, candies, and sweets - each hand-picked by us.

Gachapon (Japanese Capsule Toy)

Straight from the Capsule markets of Akihabara - experience Gacha culture and make a collection of Japanese figurines, mascots, keychains and more.

Japanese drinks in every box

Ramune, soft-drinks and unique Japan-only flavors of your favorite beverages in each delivery.

Learn and have fun with Japanese Culture

Inside each box is a leaflet with details on everything inside. Each delivery also comes with a Japanese language flash-card, so you can learn Japanese words.

Choose your Team for the next OyatsuBox delivery! Each team will receive a different Japan-exclusive drink.

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Red Team members will get Real Gold Energy Drink. Full of vitamins, royal jelly and ginseng extract


Blue Team members receive Pepsi - Refresh Shot. This is a Japan exclusive, super-strong Pepsi flavor packed with caffeine.


Yellow Team members will get CC Lemon. one of Japan's most popular drinks. Packed with flavor and Vitamin C.

How does it work?

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Enjoy your amazing Japanese snacks, drinks and Gachapon!

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