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Contact Us


Please read our F.A.Q to see if your question has an answer below.

- My delivery is late
Please contact your local post office for more information. Please understand we cannot find non-tracked orders once they leave Japan.

- You are Sold Out and I want to join.
We have a limited amount of spaces available. If we are sold out for the month, please check back next month. Alternatively, if you have a friend who is an OyatsuBox member they can email us to get an invite link.

- I have questions about an item in my order
Please check your leaflet first for more information or preparation instructions. If you have other questions, please email us.

- I want to suggest a product or make a custom order
If you would like to order a product not on our store, please let us know the item name and the quantity you would like. We will send a custom quote.

- I have a blog or YouTube channel and want to collaborate
Please fill out our sponsorship application by clicking here.