January 2019


Featuring a highly in demand pack of Pringles Noodles!

Real Gold

Energy drink with ginseng and B vitamins also with Vitamin C and Niacin.

No artificial colors or caffeine


Pringles Ramen!

At last a marriage made in heaven! 

The combination of Super Cup noodles and Pringles with the classic sour cream & onion flavor!

Big Thunder

It’s back! Now it’s colder we can ship chocolate again!

The classic Big Thunder biscuit and chocolate bar is back in this month’s box

Morinaga Chocoball

Always a popular snack in Japan with kids this little box of choocballs will disappear fast especially as this is the new caramel flavor!

Strawberry Roll Up

50cm of rolled up candy goodness! 

Strawberry flavored roll up

Cola Popping Candy

You know when a candy has “panic” in the name it’s going to make your mouth pop!

Cola Powder

This classic candy can either be enjoyed as a candy powder or add it to 120cc of water, mix and drink!

Which way do you prefer?

Babystar Yakisoba Flavor

Classic babystar snack in Yakisoba flavor. Hard to stop eating delicious flavor of fried noodles and soy sauce!

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter

Chocolate fish snack from the Bakutsuri Bar Hunter anime series. 

Squid Jerkey

This one is a bit of an acquired taste but is highly popular in Japan; seasoned squid jerkey. 

Popular with kids as a lunchbox addition!

Also in this month’s box:

– Gacha
– Dagashi Pack
– Taro Snacks
– Strawberry Kit Kats & Mini Cake