November 2018


We’ve got a brand new snack for you in this month’s box, the special edition Doraemon cheese potato crackers as well as lots of new items that will hopefully become firm favorites!¬†


In this month’s box is a random pack of either Sitori Matcha or Chocolate corn snacks!

A Japan favorite this moist corn snack is delicious in every flavor!


Miracle Body V

Miracle Body V is a classic Japanese energy drink.

 Contains a mixture of guarana, caffeine, vitamins & more.


Brand new snack! Special edition Doraemon cheese potato crackers!

30 Different designs of Doraemon printed on the crackers!

Star Kirby Mixed Gum

The pink Nintendo character on the pack can copy whatever he eats but we guarantee you won’t turn into a balloon like pink blob! You can combine the flavors to make new tastes!

Curry Cutlet

Japanese love the tradition of meaty snacks on the go like many great countries. This one is curry flavored and a mixture of chicken and pork.

Crispy Rice

This is a crispy rice bar made with glutinous rice as well as syrup, sugar and soy sauce. A nice salty/sweet snack!

Koikeya Slim Bag

There’s several flavors of this popular potato snack but this one is a somewhat unique plum flavor. Plum’s are big in Japan and used as flavor or ingredients in many foods.

Curry Beans

This is a snack that makes perfect sense and if you try it one is not enough!

Curry soy beans! Fantastic with beer Indian style curried beans!

Cola & Soda

If you can’t decide between cola & soda this is the perfect choice! It’s a layered chew with soda on one side and cola on the other!

Also in this month’s box:

– Pen Holder Gacha
– Mini Bag of Kompeito
– Dagashi Pack
– Character Gum
– Turtle Senbei
– Bonus Wafer Biscuit