October 2018


The October box contains some chocolate items, if it’s still warm where you live then please refrigerate before opening.


The iconic melty kiss. Soft pillows of chocolatey goodness!

Impossible to save some for next time!

Koala March Halloween

The classic crunchy biscuit in a Koala’s shape, many different posing and faces, filled with chocolate.


Halloween edition of ottotto. A lightly salty flavored, crunchy snack in sea creature’s shape.


Random choice of UCC or Georgia Coffee, some of Japan’s best selling canned drinks! Some cans featuring Naruto design.

Bokun Habanero

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a truly death defying snack!

Known in Japan as Tyrant Habanero have the coffee on standby for after eating!

Angel Pie

Soft pies filled with a marshmallow cream and coated with chocolate.

Choco Ball

Random choice of strawberry flavor with rice puffs coated with strawberry chocolate, and peanut flavor, peanut coated with chocolate. 

Tabekko Doubutsu

Maple flavored biscuit in animal shapes and with animal names

Takenoko No Sato

One of Japan’s most popular biscuit sbacks!

Biscuit covered with chocolate in a bamboo shoot shape.

Chestnut Kitkat

This month’s box includes two Chestnut Kit Kats, brand new for October 2018!

Also in this month’s box:

– Halloween Gacha
– Halloween Senbei
– Dagashi pack with special halloween candy
– Fujiya Candy Lolly