Oyatsu Box for Groups

Oyatsu Box for Groups

"OyatsuBox for Business and Groups" sends multiple OyatsuBox or Dagashi Box to one address. Great if you run a group or want to provide a cool service for your employees.

- You want to reward your employees or have a special offer within your company. Let your staff open up boxes in the office and explore Japanese snacks together.

- You want to organize an OyatsuBox group with your friends as part of a convention or social meetup.


- Discounted prices for every delivery (5 people minimum). Discounts start at $23.00 per box for 5 units.

- All boxes are put inside a larger container and shipped with Express mail, including mail insurance. Shipping will take 3-8 days on average.

Amount of People in your group5+10+20+
Price per box$23.00$22.00$20.00


- There is a minimum of 5 people in your group.

- All boxes must go to one address and will be shipped in a single container (although all boxes are individually packed)

How to order

Please email us to sales@oyatsucafe.com with how many people are in your group and we will provide a quotation and link for checkout.