Past OyatsuBox deliveries

Past OyatsuBox

OyatsuBox - Okinawa Edition

Everything in November's OyatsuBox comes from Okinawa, Japan's Southern most island and where the offices of Oyatsu Cafe are located! We included a mix of big-name snacks with special flavors only sold on-island, and delicious treats made by local companies.

Inside was:
- Tamaki Turtle Crackers
- Snow Salt Cookies
- Taco Rice Senbei
- Murukawa Gum - Shikwasa Flavor
- Camu Camu Pineapple
- Hi-Chew Shikwasa Flavor
- Shigekix Okinawan Pineapple
- Okiko Ramen x 3 Packs
- Genji Pie - Okinawan Sweet Potato
- Shikwasa Juice Drink
- BONUS: Keychain Bottle full of real Okinawan Coral Sand 

OyatsuBox - Halloween

October's OyatsuBox was Halloween themed and included a great mix of season exclusive Japanese snacks along with a spooky Pokemon Gacha.

Inside was:
- Poteco
- Ponsuke Senbei
- Sweet Apple DIY Candy Kit
- Umaibo Corn Potage
- Caplico Chocolate
- Koala No March Halloween Edition
- Collon Apple
- Sanritsu Choco Bat
- Melon Pan Cookie
- Choco Star Crisp
- Black Thunder Halloween Edition
- Kuppi Ramune Candy
- Melon Cream Soda Drink
- GACHAPON: Mimic Pokemon Figurine

OyatsuBox - Choose your Team

September's OyatsuBox gave everyone a choice of what featured drink to receive. You could choose to join the Red Team (Real Gold), Blue Team (Pepsi Refresh Shot) or the Yellow Team (C.C Lemon). And of course the box was packed full of other amazing goodies!

Inside was:
- Mike Popcorn - Butter Soy Flavor
- Ottoto Senbei, Doraemon Edition
- Umaibo Tonkatsu
- Umai-wa Choco Bites
- Roulette Gum - Peach
- Fujiya Milky feat. Peko Chan
- Ice Lolly DIY Candy Kit
- Vending Machine Gummy Candy
- Love Live! Creamy Wafer and collectable Card
- Okonomiyaki Taro
- Your choice of Real Gold/Pepsi Refresh Shot/C.C Lemon
- GACHAPON: Japanese Festival Food Stall mascot

OyatsuBox - Character Fair

The theme for July was Character Fair. Every item featured a Japanese character or mascot. Japan has all kinds of collaboration items like chocolate, gummy candies, corn snacks and even Senbei.

Inside was:
- Umaibo Takoyaki (featuring Umaemon)
- Tohato Honey Rings (Yokai Watch)
- Strawberry Pocky (Hello Kitty)
- Splatoon Gummy (Nintendo Splatoon)
- Curry Senbei (Crayon Shin-Chan)
- Anpanman Chocolate (Anpanman)
- Pretty Cure Cookie Box (Pretty Cure)
- Egg Rice Umaibo (Gudetama)
- Ramune Bubblegum (Doreamon)
- Mix and Match Chew (Kirby)
- GACHAPON: Pokemon Slot Machine

OyatsuBox - Classics

The theme for June was Classics. All items includes are iconic Japanese snacks and sweets, instantly recognisable.

Inside was:
- Polinki Corn Potage Puffs
- Let's Discover Dagashi Pack (10 items inside)
- UHA Cream Soda Candy
- Morinaga Soda Candy
- Bikkuriman 10
- Tohato Chocolate Stars
- Calbee Original Potato
- Black Thunder Chocolate Bar
- Ninja Meshi - Mountain Grape
- Kabuki Senbei Crackers
- GACHAPON: Rubber keychain from the Tonkatsu DJ Series

OyatsuBox - Festival

The may edition of OyatsuBox was festival themed with lots of flavors and snacks found at Japanese Spring Festivals.

Inside was:
- Soft Ice Cream Choco Puffs
- Kracie DIY Fun Festival Kit
- Hi-Chew Cola & Soda Drinks
- Choco Star Puffs
- Caplico Ice Cream
- Okin Ramen Shop Snack
- Soft Soft Ramune Candy
- Takoyaki Puffs
- Mogochuu Strawberry
- Jan Ken Po Candy
- GACHAPON: Squeezy Sushi - a special capsule toy normally only available from Sushi Restaurants

Oyatsu Box - April 2017

Pocky Creamy Vanilla - Tohato Caramel Corn Custard Pudding - Watagashi Tropical - Tsureta Grape & Pineapple - Curry Arare Chips - Babystar Ramen Bites Yaki Soba - GOCHI Tough Gummy Kiwi - Morinaga Choco Balls Limited edition Custard flavor - Mario Cola Gummies - Rice Taro Bites - Gudetama Mascot Strap

Oyatsu Box - March 2017

Choco Banana DIY Kit - Black Thunder Dark Matter - Ninja Snack - Anpanman Ramune Candy - Hi Chew Kyushu Citrus - Tohato Pokemon Chocolate Puffs & Sticker - Chocolate Monaka - Hello Kitty Lolly - Gimbis Doughnut Biscuits - Kabaya Cola Change - Japanese Money Chocolate - Kuroko Basketball Mascot Gachapon

Oyatsu Box - February 2017

Neko Atsume Sticker Seals - Sumikkogurashi Cell Phone Cleaning Mascot - Choco Anpan - Canned Coffee Cereal - Umamiro Choi - Caplicocot Strawberry - Yaokin Carrot Puffs - Doreamon Choco - Poifull Drinks Mix - Intense Cola Shigekix - Chip Star Butter Soy Flavor - I love Pikachu Gummy - Matsuyama Ramune Hard Candy

Oyatsu Box - January 2017

Meiji Karl New Years Edition - Moko Moko DIY Washing Machine Candy - Ultraman Big Gummies - Koala No March Hot Cocoa Edition - Tohato Chobobi Milk Flavor - PriPara DIY Jelly Drink - Butamen Salt Ramen - JOO C Drinks edition - Takaoka Chocolate - Takaoka Strawberry - Pokemon Sun & Moon Keychain Gachapon