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Pick a Team!

September's OyatsuBox has a choice of 3 different drinks. To choose your drink you can join a team. By default, everyone is on the Red Team and will receive Real Gold.


Yellow Team members will get CC Lemon. one of Japan's most popular drinks. Packed with flavor and Vitamin C.


Blue Team members receive Pepsi - Refresh Shot. This is a Japan exclusive, super-strong Pepsi flavor packed with caffeine.


Red Team members will get Real Gold Energy Drink. Full of vitamins, royal jelly and ginseng extract

If you are already subscribed to OyatsuBox, see below for instructions on how to change your team. Or if you aren't a member, click the button below and subscribe.

Changing your Team

Login to your OyatsuBox account. Under the Subscription section, click the Change Box button.

Choose the Team you want to join, then click Save & Continue.