September 2018

Lemon Tea

One of our most popular drinks from 2018 we’ve brought this back again after several requests! A longtime Japanese favorite, best served over ice!

Cream Collon

Quite possibly Japan’s funniest named snack!

There’s a full size pack of either original fluffy cream or light strawberry in every box!

Medusa Potato Snack

Sister of the infamous habanero potato snack in Japan, this new variation contains extract of plum powder and kelp. How does little sister stack up?


You loved the gummies last month so much we’ve put another big bag of black grape sugar coated gummies from Gochi in the box this time!

White Grape Meigum

We thought we’d give you some extra “Fruit” this month with some white grapes on top of the black gummies! A classic Meigum white grape flavor!

Paper Ramune!

This is an interesting one! It looks like a rolled flat gummy but is in fact a fizzy Ramune candy! 

Suck it and see!

Steak Senbei

We know you love savory as much as sweet so enjoy this steak flavoured potato cracker!

Makes a great choice when you’re feeling guilty from all the candy 🙂 

Diamond Ring Candy

Great fun and much cheaper than a diamond!

Present your loved one with this candy diamond!

Grape Mintia

A bestseller in Japan and available in so many flavors; there’s a packet of grape sugarless Mintia in this month’s Oyatsubox!

Apricot Popsicle

Containing pieces of Apricot this is a nostalgic treat for Japanese!

FREEZE before eating and enjoy the sweet/sour taste!

Also in this month’s box:

– Gacha

– BIG Choc Bar

– Dagashi pack with three candies